Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Software Testing in Agile Environments

Thilina Ashen Gamage

CS Undergraduate and ML Researcher at University of Moratuwa, Software Engineer, Technology Evangelist, and Tech Blogger, |

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  1. A good overview Thilina, and thanks for the mentions. One precision I would mention: most experienced BDD folk don’t recommend that BAs write Gherkin (Given/When/Then), or, at least, they don’t write it alone. Gherkin usually only comes into play after less formal activities like Example Mapping and Feature Mapping. Otherwise it introduces cognitive biases (anchoring in particular) and reduces team engagement, and generally goes against the BDD principles of collaborative requirements discovery.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable insights and experiences John. I strongly agree with your point. When we use BDD for the first time, our clients did not understand the Gherkin scenarios written by our BAs. Then we had to take a step back and visually represent our logic with diagrams and some textual explanations (due to the complexity of our business domain). Thereafter, we started defining our own ways of presenting scenarios and it went really well. I personally think, every serious BDD folk should work on finding better ways to do BDD based on the factors in their business environment. The innovative approaches we took in the past really changed our software development process and it was absolutely great 🙂

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