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Speeding up Java heap dumps with GNU Debugger

A Java Heap Dump is a snapshot of the memory of a JVM process at a specific moment. Heap dumps can be taken in several file types, however the most-used type is HPROF binary format. The following are the typical information...


Guide to Java Profilers

Java Profilers and APM (Application Performance Management) Tools provide the means of monitoring and debugging performance issues in development and production environments. In practice, most of Java developers use a combination of these tools to get their performance monitoring needs...


10+ Most Used Proxy Config Settings

Setting up Bash, CMD, Git, Maven, Gradle, NPM, Bower, Yarn, APM, Ionic, Docker, Ruby Gem, Android SDK, IDEs, and Various Applications with Proxy Settings During my internship, I got the privilege to work with so many R&D projects related to various...